I realize – and want others to realize – that starting on one path doesn’t mean you can not explore others. If the freeway becomes congested, try the feeder road.

BreeziDeezi™ is a path I created for myself at a time when I felt cornered with no way out. I’d just left a career that cost me so much money and time, lost 2/3 parental figures within 6 months and overcame a traumatic relationship (while accepting the part I played in it).

“Your content has slowed down. When will you upload on *insert platform here* ?” Waking up to direct messages and comments from people that are concerned or perhaps just curious about what I am doing…

At one point, The Blog was being updated daily, including Youtube, Instagram , learning code to improve this website , securing business documents and licenses , working towards 501 c3 status – all while trying to maintain my S A N I T Y.

Which direction will you choose?

The path you choose for yourself does not have to be justified or explained to others.

Those that love you , will be with you, not matter which route you take. They will send you love and encouragement in creative ways just to be sure that they reach you.

With love, never offense,


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