As the need for Spring cleaning approached and an unexpected financial emergency occurred, I decided to resell anything of resell value on ebay.

In 2021, ebay is still very much relevant. Are you unsure of what to sell? Look in your hand. Are unsure of how to list to attract buyers? Study other frequent sellers.

Check out my listings here:

Resell value can be subjective, or objective, but I always ask myself “Would Plato’s closet buy this?” Sometimes, I even take the item there for appraisal and take it home to sell it for a reasonable price once I know that it has enough resell value.

Plato’s closet is a scam… you do better selling things yourself.
  • Y O U determine the resell value of items based on brand, item condition – or just list it for sale ! The worst that could happen is not selling the item. In that event, you are not charged any listing fees. The most I have been charged to list an item for sale is $1, and this is when choosing the auction option. The fees are reasonable and worth a $50 ROI on that handbag , vs. a $15 store credit to platos…
  • Titles Matter. If you want to sell a pair of used but valuable shoes, a title such as “RARE AUTHENTIC *enter brand name here* will attract more buyers.
  • Auction vs. Buy it Now vs. Best Offer : I use all three of these options depending on the item. I will go into further detail on this later, as it is it’s own separate blog. For example, i have a pair of basic heels listed for the buy it now price of $25, but I am willing to accept offers as low as $10. These shoes were a gift, so I profit anyways. Additionally, low prices boost sales and increase your seller rating, a sign of trust for buyers.

Check out my listings here:

I want to go into ALL of the details, but this post would be incredibly long. Based on the stats/feedback of this post, I can share even more money making details about ebay.

Take a look at my listings, look at the sellers you buy from if you shop on ebay, and list at least one item this week.

The worst that could happen = YOU MAKE MONEY AND FIND A NEW SIDE HUSTLE.

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