The War of Words

I took another road trip. I know, I “be road-trippin” a lot these days. Not to run away from myself anymore, but to seek myself.

In short, this weekend had a lot of reflective moments about just how powerful words truly are. A dear friend that I’ve made in this city asked me, “How do you know you have (insert issue here)?” Before I could list my symptoms they responded Because someone told you.”

They are absolutely right. Momo would always quote this bible verse:

We react to words even when we don’t respond to them.

Speak positive thing over others and yourself. For me, the latter is often the most difficult. I preface interactions with others with demeaning words about myself : I’m awkward, I have anxiety. The M O R E that I speak these things, the worse they become.

Photo by Olya Kobruseva on

What are some positive words you can employ in your mental warfare today?

I’ll start by telling you that are valuable , you should cherish and love yourself so much – that it is contagious towards others, you have accomplished awesome things and will continue to with the right amount of effort and belief.


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