Side Hustle Saturday : Week 2 – All About Social Media

In the social media circus – my focus is MONETIZATION.

The Nap Ministry says what I am always thinking / feeling. I love their mission.

This week’s Side Hustle Saturday is all about using social media , not being used by it.

No “break-up quotes” , just business 🙂


Did you know that you can monetize Instagram? Well, you can. Before you screenshot and crop a random quote, ask yourself – how can this translate to earnings ?

Convert your Instagram into a business page , not personal. One of the major ways to monetize Instragram is via hashtags. Sure, they can be unsightly and even annoying, but with intention – you will reach more accounts. Those new accounts will follow you and increase your engagement and insights. Use every post to promote yourself and direct traffic to your website or shop. There are many other ways to make money from Instagram, but let’s just start there. 😉

The use of INTENTIONAL hashtags. Despite how many people liked this photo , i gained many followers when announcing my life coach certification! Those followers have become customers , youtube subscribers and readers of BreeziDeezi !


One of the best things I did when launching BreeziDeezi was taking it to Twitter. So many people are caught up in the amount of followers they have but Twitter is S.E.O HEAVEN. With only 13 initial followers, traffic to increased 40%. We now have 31 followers and share blog posts, youtube videos and the honest thoughts of the founder. Remember , being honest on social media and not portraying yourself as some guru, leads to more trust. People trust transparency.

This tweet came from a moment of frustration but honesty.

When using Twitter, hashtags aren’t even necessary. Before I discovered this, I started by hash-tagging EVERYTHING.

I started to annoy myself lol #breezideezi #breezideezi #BREEZIDEEZI !

I noticed, upon searching for a random topic, that A N Y word posted in a tweet will populate in the twitter search bar.

I was just speaking my mind after trying to get a business grant and this tweet reached someone who loves my take on crypto. we followed each other and I am learning SO MUCH from them. Likewise, they subbed to my youtube channel! BE YOURSELF.

And last but far from least …


YOU TUBE. I wish I would’ve taken the name literally when I posted my first video. I thought I had to speak a certain way, hide my texas-lisp, choose the nicest area of my place I could find to film in – that is letting social media use you and not the way it should be. In time, I have grown by simply being myself.

The best growth on youtubeLIVESTREAMS. With this, I am very close to monetization requirements (1,000 subs and 4,000 watch hours). I see so many people doing frantic livestreams on Instagram, something I had to try to realize that it just isn’t worth it. My insights are always green anyways. Why not livestream on Youtube where the algorithm is literally monetizing each second? The point of Youtube is to capture and retain people’s attention and they are eager to pay you to do so. Youtube will place ads on your videos before you are even able to do so yourself but this is a GOOD sign that the algorithm likes you and will soon, monetize!

Below, you can see the livestream I did simply thanking people for finding the channel and sticking around. Guess what? This livestream ALONE has gained me 55 subs as of now and still growing!!!

Comment below what did you find helpful or interesting? What would you like to know more about? Trust me, I have so much more to say on everything in this post but I didn’t want this to turn into a manual.

Happy Saturday! Keep your hustle, with intention !

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