If you are a reader, supporter or client of BreeziDeezi © – you deserve full transparency and you w i l l get it. Sometimes I fear oversharing, but in every win or fail, there is a lesson!

B E L O W – I tell the truth about why I’m scared to ask for financial help with the Brand. My honesty, no matter how silly it sounds to me after i say it- is rooted in what I was taught in Graduate school – People will fall in love with your personality and your honesty before they trust anything you’re trying to offer.

After this video, I took the step to apply for a grant or loan. O M G…

Those student loans coming back from the G R A V E

The scary part of cleaning up? – is ALL OF THE DIRT YOU FIND.

I fear becoming financially stuck myself and subsequently, causing BreeziDeezi to become stuck.

This week, I have taken a hard look at this. While the Brand is slightly profitable , imagine just how much more I can offer with the right financial guidance.

We can blame our parents for not teaching us about or even abusing our credit forever – or we can DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

The first bank? Turned me down.

Photo by Jou00ebl Super on Pexels.com

The credit union? Approved me for a high yield savings account to place my envelope money in and watch it grow, they also offered me a personal credit card (I gave up on those things when I was 18 years old, in my first year of college and maxed out my first discover card with a 1,000 limit) , – these two things will rebuild my personal credit and help me to build my business credit.

After all, EVERY ppp or gov loan I tried asked for sole proprietor’s social…

What about “dont ask , dont tell?”

I am cleaning up those silly financial mistakes I made in undergrad (like leasing a Mercedes Benz while living in a dorm just to give my family something else to brag about. crazy. any sensible person would’ve cut my finger off before I bought the car)

Never take advice from people ok with 24% interest rates !!! My WORST MISTAKE OF 2013

I am working to clean up my resentment and unforgiveness towards those I feel that have failed me.

The dirty part of cleaning up your past to prepare for your future, is truly taking a hard look at yourself, overcoming fear and taking action.

When you follow what you love vs. what you fear, life will be


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