Just reflecting on my best move of #2020. As i am currently in an unexpected situation I woke up to this morning that was totally out of my control ; THIS moment – was when I took full control of my life. I encourage anyone that sees this to evaluate what is draining you and if you have control to end it !

I have been… erratic? or impulsive in my choices..? My therapist says grief will do that to you.

It’s been an interesting year for Teachers everywhere.

Thumbnail from my brutally honest testimonial https://youtu.be/f_0pJuuB8jI

I had to spray my kid’s desk with lysol every 30 minutes…

2 kids tested positive for COVID, branding my place of employment as a “COVIDcampus“…

I was threatened with “sub pay” unless I took the $118 PPR exam by Oct 14th. I took it Friday Oct 9th, the day before laying my grandpa to rest. I did not study. I aced the test.

I returned to work to more chaos, but hey, all I needed now was my principal recommendation to finally get my standard teaching certificate in a system in which my credentials would continue to be threatened based on admin’s temperament.

Administration knows I need this recommendation.

My emails are ignored.

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