R E A D Y or N O T

What are 5 things that motivate you to keep going in this simulation called life?

After so much devastating loss, I have to ask myself this question daily.

While helping others was my biggest motivator,

My environment was not the best.

That led to buying this domain. Trust me, the path is far from linear. I slept for six hours today , I believe, out of sheer mental exhaustion.

And there are still, many aspirations.

Kicking… goals, and taking names.

Take your goal on one day at a time, but focus on your progress over time.

You will be amazed at what happens when you ignore the fear in yourself, fear in your family and failures.

Fear and urgency will always be around. The sweet side of surrender is available to you, are you R E A D Y or N O T?

Wishing you a productive conclusion to your week , by YOUR standards.

Thank you , from the bottom of my powerful organ !

Green heart
With love, never offense – BD

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