The “Why” of BreeziDeezi©

In a season where, I feel most understood.

And others may not fully understand the mission.

I want to clarify the “why”, of

Why did I start this at the lowest point in my life ?

Why am I still giving all I can?

Why should you care?

Why shouldn’t life be #Breezideezi?

Why should we feel pressure to keep going, to compare , to tolerate …

Services are also centered around “why“.

Why struggle through school when there is someone who loves to help people succeed academically?

Why fear going back for your degree, when again, I have helped hundreds of people tackle this same goal?

There is honestly, so much I have in mind, so much that God has showed me…

I know BreeziDeezi© will reach and impact many people as a mission.

The possibilities, go far beyond what one may see online, far beyond what I feel I haven’t yet accomplished…

Great things will be attached to this name.

Better than I can imagine.

That’s why.


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