I have cried for the smallest things, happy moments, and sad moments alike.

I have cried, over ‘losing’ friends (in reality, God was separating us for my bigger purpose).

In this self-love journey, I now reserve my emotions for myself.

You deplete yourself and give away your energy when emotion leads your interactions. It’s so easy to have a chip on your shoulder, take offense to the grocery store clerk who forgot to say good morning, relive an incident that happened so long ago and text someone randomly about it – offsetting their day.

This is what emotions do. They transfer.

That may not be your intent, but it happens.

When you are feeling lonely, emotional and misunderstood…

Talk to God.

He will never offend you.

He loves you and wants you to love yourself.

I can say this and offend you, because of relation, my age, education – whatever strike one wishes to use against me for the sake of their offense.

Jesus wept, but check your emotions.

Talk to God.

With love, never offense.

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