Have you ever seen someone in need and asked yourself, what can I give?

Or contrary, saw no one in need but still pondered the same thought.

To give, feels good. It does not matter who you pray to or what you share. We all appreciate the feeling of helping others. To give, is to help yourself also. You are filling your heart when you fill someone else’s.


There are many ways to. It doesn’t always have to be monetary. Trust me, I know how hard times are. I am trying daily to break my scarcity mindset.

I have a personal story I would love to share with you. It is not my story, it is something that happened to my dear grandmother that I had the pleasure of witnessing.


I loved to take my granny to the store, even before I had my driver’s license (oops). It was fun! She would prance the store, do her calculations before reaching the register (she was always right), and show me what ingredients she bought to make our favorite, family meals. I am so grateful for these experiences and can now cook my favorite dishes as a result. I truly studied my grandmother. God gave me an amazing example in her.


My grandmother was rich in spirit, had a mental inheritance in abundance, but always struggled financially. One day, she got to the register to pay for the stuff to make the family a Gumbo ( the only meal I have yet to learn to cook from her spiritual cookbook). It takes many, many ingredients. And besides, we are a southern family so she had to buy tons of seafood as well. As we got in line, I remember her say “I hope I have enough Bri”.


She didn’t have enough money.

She wasn’t embarrassed, neither was I. I did not have my first job yet and couldn’t help her pay. Instead, I began to help her decide which items we would leave behind.

Until, someone decided to Give.

A complete stranger, got out of line in the aisle beside us and paid for everything.

My grandmother thanked them repeatedly, and God, and started shouting right there in Market Basket. 🙂 It was a sight to see!

When we got into my car as I drove her home, she told me,

Bri, now I can pay that overdue bill and we will have our Gumbo for Sunday. You can’t make God out of a liar. I trusted God to provide both and he did. I even told your Papa I would have enough for both!”

And in turn, my Momo gave us an amazing meal after church as a result of a stranger giving her help.

Things like this, happened to my Momo quite often because she was such a giver.


It always, comes back.

This original artwork was purchased by BreeziDeezi© from www.inprnt.com/gallery/dwalkerillustrated and can not be reposted or sold.

3 thoughts on “Give.

  1. What a powerful reminder of how good God is. Your grandmother’s faith was unwavering and we should all aspire to have that. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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