2021: Predictions, Expectations and Manifestations

This “New Year” already feels differently. Have you noticed these memes?

This is hinting at the fear of gloom and doom in the air for many people.

Well, not for US.

Not for those who operate in love, choose faith over fear, and live #breezideezi…

For US, 2021 has expectations and manifestations just as any other year. The things shared in this post come from readers, supporters, family and myself. Thank you all for your input!

2021 : Predictions

  •  In 2021, we predict more learning, sharing and growth. There’s not a better time to be alive . Think of all the truths we have discovered and still have to discover , that our lost loved ones may never have. 
  • Successful Startups. Have an idea? Have you seen someone do it already? You can expect success even if this is the case because no one thinks as YOU do. Example, water jugs have been around forever. Surely, no one would think to reinvent this mundane product. While on a social media scroll, I noticed a successful seller of this product with one unique selling point : encouraging words on the water jug for each hydration milestone reached throughout the day. What’s stopping you?

2021 : Expectations

  • Financial stability. This is not dependent upon any assistance from stimulus, stop checking your direct deposit! Financial stability can come from any seed you choose to sew. Example: In 2021, you may not have plans to change careers or start something new. You may choose to focus on your children and invest in their growth. As a result, your child may become financially independent granting you more financial stability. You just never know how and when things will work out for you !
  • Health. In a time where fear is being served for breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner, we expect to be and remain healthy. With this expectation; a cough won’t make you think you have COVID, anxiety over mandates and vaccines won’t be at the forefront, and most importantly, you will manifest health for yourself and others!

2021 : Manifestations (Read aloud)

  • I am a magnet for money, love, marriage, opportunities and mercy.
  • My ____ (insert loved one) is healed, here on earth.
  • I do not fear anything. I do not fear death. I do not fear illness.
  • This is the year of completion for me. I will complete ___ (insert desire here).
  • My fear of ___ (insert phobia here) will help me grow if I face it on head on and remember there is nothing to fear.
  • My experience with ___ (insert person and circumstance here) was not an unfinished end, it is my NEW beginning.
  • In this moment, I am okay. My needs are met. I have surplus. I have the three essentials: food , shelter and health. My needs are met. My wants can be satisfied simply. What do I want in this moment?

Cheers to 2021, YOUR manifestations and blessings.

With love, never offense or fear,

See you all in 2021. 🙂

3 responses to “2021: Predictions, Expectations and Manifestations”

  1. Great expectations! Yes your expectations will manifest! Interesting post and video on YouTube . Proud of you♥️

    1. thank you! 2021, we are ready for you!!

  2. What we think, we become! Positive vibes only!😍


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