The roots of fatigue run deep, especially for those that create to survive.

The ideas, constantly flowing through our brains, the second-guessing of decision far in our past…

Guess what I had to do yesterday?


I pray for increase in faith, my endeavors, my ideas and my support.

As a creator, I pray for inspiration everyday.

How often do you take a break? If you’re like me, not too often, and you may feel guilty after doing so.

Your body will tell you when it needs a nap or break. Will you listen?

Emotional distress due to overbusyness is real, sprinkle some withstanding grief on top and you have a whopper of defeat.

So, today, if you feel your brain scattering, lack of focus on the present, impatient

Take A Nap!

Replacing work with rest when possible is the only way to stay breezideezi. God honors rest.

4 thoughts on “I took a nap.

  1. Yes! We must find time to rest for rejuvenation of our body, soul and mind. Wholeness of overall health is a must for us to function properly inside and out. Great post. You’re doing awesome!😍

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