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The 13 Lucky Traits of Resourceful People

Are you resourceful?

I recall my mother telling me that I am the most resourceful person she knows. A woman that went through and overcame more than I could ever fathom, telling me this, was an eye-opener.

Since childhood, I’ve always used my “smarts” to help others and help myself financially. However, I believe that being resourceful is totally separate from intelligence.

13 is my favorite number for many reasons (if you didn’t knoooow, now you know!)

Let’s use my lucky number to explore :

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  1. Life is a puzzle that you enjoy solving. Some pieces may not fit, but instead of throwing them out, you keep trying.

2. You never rely on just one source for your financial or emotional needs.

3. You always take risks that are worth the reward – even if it seems crazy to others.

4. You never fully rest – there’s always time and ways to seek better for yourself. (this one is the biggest for myself, personally. That is why I created #SideHustleSaturdays!)

5. You encourage others and share information – even if people don’t take your advice.

6. When you’re frustrated with something, you RESEARCH.

7. You may have had quite a few jobs or careers – Resourceful people will never be unhappy in their jobs for long. They know there is always else out there to experience. (I’ll be 30 in a few months and I’ve working in politics, academic, public education, and most recently, leasing. I’d rather try to find what makes me happy than to be stuck).

8. If an opportunity doesn’t work out, you want to know why, so you can learn from it.

9. You can see problems coming before they happen, and you try your best to prepare. (Yes, resourceful people struggle too – there’s no way to avoid all problems in your life. However, a resourceful person will know when something may create an issue and they try to prepare by saving money, looking for a new job asap, researching charities for financial help, or reaching out to loved ones).

10. It doesn’t matter who is with or against you, you keep going. Persistence is your power.

11. Setbacks lead resourceful people to new and better opportunities.

12. You use what you have – not what you think you need. (For example, you may not have a perfect credit score but you need a loan. Instead of paying money and debts to boost your credit score, you research and find opportunites based on your score right now.- later you work on your score!).

13. You’re CLEVER. You come up with creative ways to help yourself and those you care about.

What would you add? I know that resourcefulness looks diifferent for everyone – this is just my perception.


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