10 Privileges I Enjoy As A Woman of Color

I recently had the pleasure of reading “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack” while writing a paper for one of my loyal customers.

My response to reading this article was to consider what privileges women of color posses. It just seems so miserable to allocate all privileges to a category that I will never be in…


10 Privileges for Women of Color

10 Privileges for Women of Color
  • I command respect. Not because others fear to offend me, but because of the confidence I have as a woman of color.
  • I desire inclusion, however, I do not need it. If someone doesn’t invite you to their party, throw your own – and make it bigger. 😉
  • I am able to lead by example. Women of color stand out when we defy the silly stereotypes against us (loud, uneducated, mad at the world, ect..)
  • My legacy is strength. Women of color are economically disadvantaged, typically due to oppression. However, we are known for overcoming challenges.
  • I am comfortable being uncomfortable. Women of color are used to the stares and judgments of others , we take it all in stride and strength. We also accept that we can not change or control anyone other than ourselves.
  • I am perceived as persistent. Each day, we navigate arenas that don’t fit, or even welcome us.
  • I am perceived as ambitious. Women of color have to work harder than others for everything from career advancement to financial security.
  • I can educate others. Women of color don’t want sympathy, we want others to understand our struggles.
  • I am able to speak up. Women of color can disregard stereotypes of being aggressive and speak up for themselves.
  • I too can strive for equitable pay, it just takes more effort. Women of color see roadblocks, and navigate around them.

When we focus on what we can control, we have control.


What privileges would you add? Please, comment below!


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  1. Wow this should be seen by more women . Wonderful


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